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Crash Course Video

For those of you who have decided to become a member, great! Going over the Crash Course is one of the 6 requirements, and so is passing an oral exam! To make it easier to understand and visualize, we have created a demonstration of a student triaging a patient and reporting the results to a doctor. Oral assessments will be conducted in the same manner, so make sure to review all the information on the Crash Course, take the quiz, and watch this video before you sign up to take the oral exam! 

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Following Info Sessions:

Tuesday, April 17th at 7-7:30pm (MS5128 or nearby room)

Wednesday, April 18th at 7:30-8pm (CS50)

Take action now and join the club! Shadow physicians, take vitals, ask about patient history, teach health education, work in a pharmacy, and - most importantly - connect with the people in our community!
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7/21 July Clinic Trip 

​8/8 Koala Tea Fundraiser 


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Platinum​ ($1000+)

  • Mohammed Arif Khalil
  • Sarwat Mahud
  • The Bowers
  • Christine Brown
  • William and Elfie Reeve

  • ​Trish Fitzpatrick
  • Enedina Rangel 
  • Sioe Ong 
  • Deanna E Ong
  • Alpha Delta Chi
  • Christine Wait
  • Grace Maher
  • Rachel Brown 
  • Sridjaja Family
  • Wasima Masoodi

Gold​ ($100-$1000)

Silver ($50-100)

We’re fortunate enough to just be able to walk into a doctor's office whenever we need to. For many people, though, getting access to basic health care and education can be extremely difficult.
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Flying Samaritans at UCLA


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  • Lordson David
  • Joanne David
  • Harun Lomanto
  • Ignacio Villa 
  • Janet and Manuel Caro 
  • Ellen Mauldin
  • Dennis and Julie Moody

Our Mission

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