Kashif Iqbal

Co-Clinic Coordinator

My name is Kashif Iqbal, and I’m a fourth year Biology major, Society and Genetics Minor. I love Flying Samaritans because it has given me the opportunity to better understand poverty that lies outside our borders, propelling me to be thankful for what I have and to make a powerful difference in the beautiful community we serve. With Flying Sams, I’ve been able to learn so much about medicine, vital signs, community health, the Mexican healthcare system, preventative medicine, and more. Our organization is so unique because we focus on long-term care so that patients make monthly check-ups as part of living healthier lifestyles, and because students have the opportunity to learn about medicine hands-on. But the one thing I love most is seeing the gratitude on the children’s faces when we come every month, and developing long-term relationships with the citizens of Margarita Moran. Because of my experience, I’ve developed a passion for global medicine, and aspire to open up health clinics in underserved communities throughout the world. For me, it powerfully reaffirmed my decision to pursue careers in medicine and public health.

Chris Hilton


Buenos Días! My name is Chris Hilton and I am a second year Business Economics major. About me: I was pre-med but decided that business is my forte. My goal in the next 5 years is to become an associate at an investment banking or private equity firm. Past that, I would love to become a producer in the music industry. Although I have diverse and changing interests, i greatly enjoy the time I have with the Flying Samaritans and the clinic trips have truly inspired me to learn Spanish more fully, enjoy what I have and where I live, but most importantly it gives me the warm fuzzies helping people! I highly recommend the clinic trips for a multitude of reasons that I synthesize to the effect it had on me; even just one clinic trip is a reworking of the mind, body, and soul moreover the social and medical lessons learned are invaluable. In my spare time I enjoy music (all types), golf, running, hiking, camping, biking, photography, and relaxing and talking with friends, please feel free to email, text/call, or talk to me during the meetings about the Flying SAMs, life/career advice, or if you just want to have fun!

Ruth Miranda

Clinic Health Coordinator

My name is Ruth Miranda and I am a fourth year Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology major. In the long run, my foremost goal is to become a pediatrician and earn a Masters of Public Health in order to help improve children’s health in medically underserved areas. My aspiration to become a pediatrician is directly influenced by my desire to help others and contribute to my community. As health education coordinator, I have been able to give back a portion of the knowledge I have had the privilege to learn at UCLA. Every month we present a different public health module with hopes of equipping our patients with the tools and knowledge they need to make healthy lifestyle choices for themselves and their families. In my spare time, I enjoy running, watching and playing sports, taking naps, and hanging out with friends.

Diana Caro


Hello! My name is Diana Caro. I am a third year Biology major at UCLA and considering a minor in Anthropology. Other than being historian for Flying Samaritans, I volunteer at Ronald Regan Medical Center and tutor as a member of Project Literacy. Although I enjoy my aforementioned involvements, Flying Sams is by far my favorite. This org covers most, if not all, of my personal interests: I love to travel, immerse myself in different cultures, surround myself with passionate individuals, expand my interest in the medicine, and most of all help those in need. To see the appreciation that we volunteers get from the community of Colonia Margarita Moran is, for lack of a better work, wonderful. In my free time, I love watching movies, reading, cooking, and taking long naps. Looking forward to an unforgettable year with incredible people!

Rina Kim


Hi! My name is Rina Kim and I’m a fourth year MIMG major.  Since I was young, I have been pursuing my passion to become a heart surgeon and eventually joining Doctors Without Borders to provide the necessary health care to those in desperate need of our aid.  However, as an undergraduate researcher in Professor Kent Hill’s lab studying cell motility, I also found my passion within research.  Therefore, I am now pursuing the MD/PhD program to become a medical scientist, practicing and developing medicine to help save valuable lives that may otherwise be lost.  Apart from Flying Samaritans, I am a flutist in the UCLA Chambers Ensemble, Social Co-Chair of Mortar Board, and URSP Scholar. In my free time, I enjoy visiting museums and art galleries, socializing with friends, cooking, playing the flute or the piano, eating out with friends at restaurants, dancing and singing, and listening to music!

Lynne Liu

External Fundraising Co-Coordinator

Hello! I am currently a third year Neuroscience major, Global Studies minor. I entered UCLA with the goal of one day volunteering with Doctors Without Borders, an organization that combines my passion for medicine and my desire to serve underprivileged communities. Fortunately, Flying Samaritans has given me the opportunity to explore these interests before I graduate, and every time I go to Colonia Margarita Moran I am humbled by the health care providers we travel with as well as the warm members of the community we visit. I feel privileged to have met through Flying Samaritans a group of passionate and inspiring people who share my belief that providing health education and adequate healthcare is the first step towards empowering a community to improve their lifestyles. Aside from Flying Samaritans, I also work with Asian Pacific Health Corps to provide free health screenings to underprivileged Asian communities in Los Angeles. In my free time, I enjoy playing piano or guitar, reading, writing, doing yoga, and being in nature.

Faculty & Staff

Jessica Ngo

Pharmacy Clinic Coordinator

Hi! My name is Jessica Ngo and I am currently a fourth year Biology major at UCLA pursuing a career in pharmacy. For the past year, I have been volunteering and working as a pharmacy technician in West Los Angeles and Century City. I joined Flying Samaritans because I was interested in the pharmacy aspect as well as the tremendous amount of patient interaction. By joining Flying Samaritans Pharmacy Committee, I have learned so much about what certain medications are used for in addition to great communication skills. I have also met some great people during the process! During my spare time, I love playing tennis or trying new places to eat!

Dr. Efrain Talamantes

Medical Provider

Faculty Advisor

Joanne David

Pharmacy Education Coordinator

Hello! I am a third year, Psychobiology major. Although I am the Pharmacy Education Coordinator and enjoy learning about drugs, I do not plan to become a pharmacist. Instead, I plan on pursing a career as a family physician or pediatrician. I love everything about the Flying Samaritans! Through the Flying Samaritans, I have found a great passion within me to serve underprivileged communities like Colonia Margarita Moran and build relationships with the people living in them. Among other things, here are some of my favorites: flowers, cheesecake, tea, traveling, Future of Forestry, and Mindy Kaling. I am so proud to be a part of the Bruin family and help others in this small way. I can't wait to see what this year holds for the Flying Samaritans at UCLA!

Crystal Lin


Hi! My name is Crystal, a third-year MCDB major and Public Health Minor. I've been involved in Flying Samaritans since my freshman year, and it has been absolutely amazing seeing how much Flying Sams has grown since its inception. To me, Flying Sams is more than just providing medical care and health education (although those things are amazing!), it's about building real and long-lasting relationships with the people in the community, both down in Mexico and right here at UCLA. I can't wait to make you all part of my Flying Samily! While my first love is Flying Samaritans, I also do publicity for the Regents Scholar Society, intern for T.E.A.C.H and work in an ovarian cancer lab. My free time is spent going to concerts, planning dinner parties, and sleeping. Sleep is always good.

Mattie Quigley

External Fundraising Co-Coordinator

Hi all! My name is Mattie Quigley. I am a graduating third year at UCLA and an International Development major. I’m lucky to be studying something I am so truly passionate about and look forward to pursuing a career in development in the near future. Flying Samaritans is an amazing organization to be part of. I feel humbled to be a part of it and blessed to have met so many wonderful people. The work this club does is truly incredible. I am a firm believer that it is just as important to pursue your dreams as it is to help others achieve theirs. I’m happy to say that my co and I are able to facilitate Flying Samaritan’s mission by getting funding so we can put on a clinic each month for years to come. Aside from Flying Samaritans, I am involved with Unicamp and I intern for Wells Bring Hope and The Samburu Project, two separate nonprofits that drill wells in different parts of Africa.  I spend my free time running, sleeping, pretending I know how to cook and telling anyone who will listen that UCLA is the best school in the world.

Marsha Cheng

Publicity Coordinator

Hey everyone! My name is Marsha and I’m currently a 4th year biochemistry major.  I originally joined Flying Samaritans to gain some medical experience, but stayed for the amazing people and experiences.  Everyone is so down-to-earth and really passionate about our organizations' goals. Besides Flying Samaritans, I am also involved in Professor Kent Hill’s research regarding cell motility as well as Innoworks, an organization which hosts a one week summer camp for underserved middle schoolers.  In my free time, I love watching TV shows (Once, Revenge, GoT, and Arrow) and playing tennis.  I look forward to getting to know all of you!

Board 2014-15

Priscilla Perez

External Vice President

Hi! My name is Priscilla Perez and I am a fourth year Biology major, minoring in Anthropology. I plan to pursue a health career and provide my services to those in under resourced communities like my hometown. I love being a part of Flying Sams because it has given me the opportunity to do what I love, which is teaching others how to take care of their bodies.  Aside from Flying Sams, I am a Program Coordinator at BruinCorps, a tutoring program for students in underpriviledged communities. In my free time I enjoy hiking, watching TV shoes, cooking and eating my creations.

Aaron Lapidus

Internal Fundraising Co-Coordinator

Hi Everyone! My name is Aaron Lapidus and I am currently a 4th year Psychobiology student. I didn’t seriously think about it until part way through my freshman year of college, but medicine has become a passion of mine - something I would never have expected just a few years ago. I want to either go into oncology, or family medicine, but I am keeping my options open (there is so much about medicine I don’t know!). My guilty pleasure is Greys Anatomy (or not so guilty....I am a proud viewer of the show!), and I am a bit of a film buff. I also love playing guitar, and listening to just about any type of music. I am really excited about being a part of Flying Samaritans and making a real difference in Colonia Margarita Moran. A lot of clubs do similar work, but only put a bandaid on the region. Flying Samaritans actually has public health officers and others involved, to get to the root of the problems and help out these people in the long term. I’m looking forward to a wonderful year with you all!

Gigi Abdelhady

Co-Health Coordinator

Hello! I am a fourth year Molecular and Cell Developmental Biology major. I have been with the UCLA Bruin Sams for over a year now and can say it has been one of the most life altering experiences of my undergraduate career. Everyone who joins, every single person I have met in the wonderful org, is amazing. Everyone is here to help and to learn, and I can say with a great amount of certainty that there is no shortage of friendship and goodwill. So in the spirit of our org, I would like to thank everyone, future, past or present, who has helped or will help us continue to grow and change for the better. I enjoy meeting new people, so please feel free to contact me or speak with me regarding anything, even if it’s about fuzzy pygmy owls.

Thalia Nguyen


Hello everyone! I’m Thalia, and I am filled with excitement to be the Flying Samaritans Secretary this year. I am a 3rd year majoring in MCD Biology, with a minor in Science Education. My life goals include pursuing a degree in medicine and learning my mom’s and grandma’s recipes. I am so grateful to have joined Flying Samaritans because it is through the organization that I have had eye-opening experiences with the people of Colonia Margarita Moran and also have had the chance to meet such hardworking and unique individuals. In my free time (a scarcity that all college students prize), I love crafting pillows, playing video games, reading, and taking pictures of the people who make me happiest.

Pamela Meza

Co-Clinic Coordinator

I am a Psychobiology major in my third year at UCLA, with a goal of practicing medicine. I am currently one of the co-clinic coordinators for the Flying Samaritans, and I am excited to improve/expand our organization. I joined Flying Samaritans because it's an organization that give students insight into what being a doctor entails, and it focuses on serving underprivileged communities that are near and dear to my heart.  I am currently doing research on the effects of Cognitive Brain Therapy on young adults with autism and anxiety disorders. I love to travel and learn about other cultures through first hand experience. I have a passion for volunteering and serving other people, so while I am not studying I am finding new opportunities to serve others. I look forward to working with everyone in Flying Samaritans at UCLA and our new board.

Sarah Rahman

Volunteer Health Coordinator

Hello! My name is Sarah Rahman. Currently, I am a senior majoring in Gender Studies and minoring in Applied Developmental Psychology. Other than being the Health Ed. Volunteer Coordinator for Flying Samaritans, I am the Secretary for Muslim Student Association, and a BruinCorp tutor. I am an outgoing, lovable, and patient individual who is extremely excited to cross out every item on my bucket list for UCLA adventures during my last year here.  In my free time, I like to spend time with my family, spoil my three nephews, cook, bake, travel, to watch movies, and most important sleeping in. This will be my second year being a dedicated member of Flying Samaritans and I feel so blessed to be a part of the Flying Samily. Each and every member on board and in this organization is truly made special and learns so much every meeting and clinic trip to Colonia Margarita Moran. Flying Samaritans is not only about empowering the community we serve, but also to empower each member of our organization in hopes of making better doctors, and better individuals for the future.

Karen Lam

Pharmacy Clinic Coordinator

Hello, hello! 
My name is Karen Lam, and I am the Pharmacy Clinic Coordinator for our lovely Flying Samaritans at UCLA. I am currently a second year MIMG major, with high aspirations to become a physician. The connection I feel towards our organization and our community at Colonia Margarita Morán is truly heartwarming. Dedicating myself to Flying Samaritans has greatly furthered my passion for maximizing accessibility to health care for diverse, underserved communities. We welcome you to join us in our mission.

Flying Samaritans at UCLA