Thalia Nguyen

Internal Vice President |

Hello! My name is Thalia and thanks for taking the time for reading my bio! I never would have thought when I started Flying Samaritans three years ago that I'd one day have the honor of serving as Internal Vice President for the 2015-2016 year. I am entering my final year at UCLA as a MCD Bio major, with a minor in Society and Genetics. Flying Samaritans has a special place in my heart because it provided me a space to learn more about how I can help improve the health of others through the guidance of amazing medical mentors, engaged peers, and responsive patients. I can hardly wait to see how our organization will flourish in the upcoming year.

Keanu Andico

External Fundraising Chair |

Aloha! My name is Keanu Reeves Andico and I am a fourth year biochemistry major and LGBT studies minor. As the External Fundraising Chair, I write grants to fund events throughout the year and purchase medical supplies for our clinic. Those stethoscopes you’ll be using…yeah I funded that. (grinningly wipes dust off left shoulder). On a more serious note, I have witnessed Flying Samaritans accomplish tremendous feats for the community of Colonia Margarita Moran and believe that it can continue to do so with the dedication of impassioned undergraduate students. I highly encourage you to invest time in our organization so that you too can create a positive impact on the quality of life in our community. Aside from Flying Samaritans, I also play tenor saxophone in the UCLA Marching Band, serve as the Health Networking Chair of the Lavender Health Alliance, and volunteer my time with Pilipinos for Community Health. I aspire to become a pharmacist one day and hopefully become successful enough to play poker professionally. Cheers to a great year!

Madi Tien

Secretary |

Hello! My name is Madi Tien, and I am a fourth year Physiological Sciences major. My ultimate career goal is to become a Physician Assistant (PA), emphasizing in Emergency Medicine or Women’s Health. The experience I have every time attending clinic is amazing, and I always learn something new. The patients are truly grateful for everything we do for them, and they can always put a smile on your face. Besides Flying Sams, I am also apart of the Alumni Scholars Club and a Senior Student Supervisor on campus. I am a Clinical Care Extender (CCE)/Health Scholar Program at St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach for the past four years, and I am the Director of Recruitment and Enrollment there as well. In my free time, I like to eat, sleep, and scrapbook!

Jocelyn Almanza

Clinic Health Education Coordinator |

I am a fourth year Physiological Science major/Public Health minor and have been involved in the Health Education Committee since I first joined Flying Samaritans. Volunteering as a Health Education Coordinator has revealed to me the power of education in medicine and the impact it has in communities like the one we serve. This organization has provided me with eye-opening life experiences inside and outside of our clinic located in Colonia Margarita Moran. Not only have I had the opportunity to learn from inspiring physicians and motivated members but also from our patients who have shared unique and invaluable experiences. Outside of the work I do with this amazing organization, I also enjoy long-distance runs, being a proud “Yelp foodie”, and attending concerts.

Sheridan Bowers

Clinic Coordinator |

Sheridan is a third year International Development Studies major with a minor in Spanish and a double minor in Public Health. This is her second year on the Flying Samaritans board and her first serving as Clinic Coordinator. Her studies as well as her desire to experience foreign cultures and practice her Spanish are what led her to join Flying Samaritans. When school is not in session, Sheridan can be found traveling through Latin America, whether with study abroad, volunteer initiatives, or international internships. She hopes to pursue an international career in community development and education and plans to continue discovering all corners of the world, and all its cuisines, in the meantime.

Sarah Brown

Volunteer Health Education Coordinator |

Sarah Brown is a 2nd year neuroscience major at UCLA who is currently the Volunteer Health Education Coordinator for Flying Samaritans. Sarah is on the pre-medical track, and hopes to continue health education and medical outreach more officially later in her career as an involved physician. Sarah enjoys exploring the Los Angeles area, because she came to UCLA from New Jersey. She is a cat person who sews costumes and dresses as a hobby (although her sewing machine does not fit in her dorm room, unfortunately) and is passionate about destigmatizing mental health issues and other neurological disorders by raising awareness. In the future, Sarah plans on writing a book that makes a neuroscience topic comprehensible and interesting to general readers.

Board 2015-16

Danielle Duron

Treasurer |

Hi. I'm Danielle. I'm your treasurer. Don't worry about the rest.

Joanne David

Pharmacy Education Coordinator |

Hello! I’m a fourth year Psychobiology major. Although I am the Pharmacy Education Coordinator and enjoy learning about drugs, I do not plan to become a pharmacist. Instead, I plan on pursing a career as a Physician Assistant. I love everything about the Flying Samaritans! Through Flying Sams, I have found a great passion within me to serve underprivileged communities like Colonia Margarita de Moran and build relationships with the people in them. Among other things, here are some of my favorites: flowers, tea, traveling, Future of Forestry, Parks & Rec, and Mindy Kaling. I am so proud to be a part of the Bruin family and help others in this small way. I can't wait to see what this year holds for the Flying Samaritans at UCLA!

David Chung

Clinic Health Education Coordinator |

As an undergraduate student at UCLA, I am currently majoring in biology, gaining experience in clinical research, and participating in club activities with emphasis on traveling and medicine. He aspires to be a physician who travels around the world providing medical care to those living in less privileged locations. Volunteering with flying Samaritans has been one of my most meaningful experiences in college. Especially through Health Ed, I have had the opportunity to help empower patients so that they do not have to depend on others for their health.

Pamela Meza

External Vice President |

Currently an undergraduate, Pamela embodies what we lovingly call a "nerd." Pamela is a seasoned world traveler and believes in the power of learning about new cultures through first hand experience. Her various trips through Europe, Australia, and Latin America make her the Queen of "I've been there." Born for a life of service she is currently pursuing a career in medicine with the ultimate goal of serving in the most under-served countries of Latin America. She will be awarded her B.S. in Psychobiology from UCLA in December 2015. Apart from working with Flying Samaritans, she co-founded The Backpack Strategy, a non-profit dedicated to supporting students across the world. When she is not studying you can find her camping in the wilderness, working as the Director of People + Culture for The Backpack Strategy, or making sweet melodies on the guitar.

Lauren Chen

Pharmacy Clinic Coordinator |

Hello! I’m Lauren and I am a second year physiological sciences major, currently planning on pursuing a career in pediatric clinical pharmacy in the future. I joined Flying Samaritans freshman year and it honestly has been one of the best decisions I have made thus far at UCLA. Every clinic trip truly has been a rewarding experience and I am constantly inspired by my Flying Samily peers. Outside of Flying Sams, I am a huge Disney fan and I enjoy running, drawing, baking, traveling, trying new things, and watching movies and TV shows; I especially love doing these things with friends and family!

Crystal Lin

Co-President |

Hi! My name is Crystal Lin and I am a 4th year MCDB major, minoring in public health. This will be my second year as co-president of Flying Samaritans, and my fourth year with the organization overall. I can say without a doubt that Flying Sams is made up of the warmest, most caring, and selfless volunteers, doctors and patients, and I am so proud of everything we have accomplished since our inception in 2012. While Flying Sams has taught me so much about medicine and health education, my greatest takeaway is the real and long-lasting relationships with the people in the community, both down in Mexico and right here at UCLA. I can't wait to make you all part of my Flying Samily! While my first love is Flying Samaritans, you can also catch me doing publicity for the Regents Scholar Society, planning socials for T.E.A.C.H, running experiments in my ovarian cancer lab and kicking butt with the Shotokan Karate club. Free time is spent going to concerts, baking sweets, and catching up on sleep. Sleep is always good.

Faculty & Staff

Sandra Casillas

External Liaison |

Hi! My name is Sandra Casillas, and I am a fourth-year Psychobiology major. My ultimate career goal is to become a physician assistant and to provide medical care to people living in underserved communities. Joining Flying Sams is the best decision I could have made during my undergraduate career, and it is the reason I love UCLA. Thanks to Flying Sams I’ve met some of the most passionate people, and I’ve had the opportunity to create memories with the community of Colonia Margarita Moran. During my free time, I enjoy exploring the city, watching movies, and catching up with old friends.

Karen Lam

Pharmacy Clinic Coordinator |

My name is Karen Lam, and I am the Pharmacy Clinic Coordinator for our lovely Flying Samaritans at UCLA. I am currently a third year MIMG major aspiring to become an infectious disease specialist. The connection I feel towards our organization and our community at Colonia Margarita Morán has become a dear part of who I am, and will continue to shape my ambitions for the future. Dedicating myself to the Flying Samaritans has greatly furthered my passion for maximizing accessibility to health care and health education for diverse, underserved communities. We welcome you to join us in our mission.

Dr. Margarita Loeza

Medical Provider

Faculty Advisor

Julia Hiserodt

Clinic Coordinator |

Hi! My name is Julia Hiserodt and I am a third year MIMG major and a Biomedical Research Minor. Joining Flying Sams over a year ago was one of the best decisions I have made at UCLA. I am always so inspired by all of our volunteer’s hard work that goes into our clinics and allows us to help the community of Colonia Margarita Moran. Working with the community always reminds me of how lucky I am to be where I am and gives me a passion to continue working with underserved communities, no matter where I end up. Besides Flying Samaritans, I am also involved in research with Dr. April Pyle studying stem cell treatment for muscular dystrophy, and Project Health, an organization that teaches Health Education to underserved high school students.

Diana Caro

Internal Fundraising Chair |

Hello! My name is Diana Caro and I am a fourth year Biology major. Out of my four years here at UCLA, the best decision I have made so far is joining Flying Samaritans. To be surrounded by a number of humble and compassionate people who all share one common goal of providing Colonia Margarita Moran with healthcare and health education it needs to take health into their own hands is an indescribable feeling. It truly warms my heart to be part of something so invaluable. The community, doctors, and students I have gotten to meet and work with have strengthened my desire to pursue a career in medicine. In my (rare, but) free time, I love swimming, playing tennis, watching movies, binge watching shows on Netflix, cooking, and traveling. I cannot wait for another amazing year with an even more amazing group of people.

Haesoo Kim

Historian |

Publicity Chair |

Hey guys! I'm Haesoo, a second year Psychobiology major with (maybe) a Specialization in Computing. As the Historian, I am responsible for taking pictures during our events and sending out Clinic Recaps, and as Publicity Chair, I will be letting you know what events are coming up and connecting with you all through a variety of media. My personal goal for this year is to get to know every member in our club, so don't be shy and come talk to me about Flying Sams, classes, cool stuff you're doing - anything! Also, if you haven't liked our Facebook page yet, you better GET ON THAT! :) We also have an Instagram @flyingsamsatucla and a blog for our events that you can subscribe to by email. Okay, I'm done plugging.

Apart from Flying Samaritans, I am also a Writing and Creativity Counselor for the Writing Success Program, the webmaster for the Undergraduate Research Journal of Psychology, and a layout staff member for Bruinlife Yearbook. I look forward to meeting you all!

Lynne Liu

Co-President |

Hello! I am a fourth year Neuroscience major and Global Studies minor, and I am excited to be entering my third year as part of Flying Samaritans. This organization surrounds me with some of the most inspirational people I know while feeding my interests in international development and medicine. It has provided me with some of the most invaluable experiences of my college career, and I hope to continue learning from the doctors, fellow student volunteers, and patients alike. One day, when I am further along my path to becoming a Family Physician that works extensively in global health, I hope to look upon Flying Samaritans at UCLA as an example of how much of a difference a small group of individuals with a shared goal can achieve.

Flying Samaritans at UCLA