This is Juan! He initially joined Flying Samaritans his first year because he thought it would be the perfect opportunity for him to practice his Spanish, and get the chance to wear scrubs. Slowly, but surely, the impact we make as an organization led him to become more passionate about our mission and you can now see him around as our VP! You may also know Juan as a Resident Assistant in Dykstra Hall. He is a well rounded world traveler and is more than happy to share about his experiences from one of the three times he's studied abroad. After graduation he will be taking a gap year to gain more research experience in global health, potentially in Peru! Juan hopes to eventually go to grad school for an MPH and become an advocate for addressing LGBTQ health disparities. 



Major: Spanish and Portugese 

Monica is the Pharmacy Education Coordinator, and she aspires to become a clinical oncology pharmacist one day. She joined Flying Sams after being inspired by the excitement and passion that all the members clearly had for serving the community in Colonia Margarita Moran. Through Flying Sams, she has gained new friends, unforgettable memories and hands-on clinical experience with each monthly clinic. Outside of Flying Sams, Monica works as a pharmacy technician at CVS and is the academic chair of her sorority, Alpha Delta Chi. Monica loves pilates, traveling, baking, going to the beach, and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Megan joined Flying Samaritans last year to experience working in a healthcare setting, learn more about global health disparities, and be surrounded by hardworking individuals striving to make a difference for the community of Colonia Margarita Moran. Outside of Flying Samaritans, she serves as the Transportation Director for Best Buddies at UCLA and does research in the physical medicine and rehabilitation department at Cedars-Sinai. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends and family, go to the movies, try new restaurants, and take naps!!



Major: Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics 



 Major: Psychobiology || Minor: Bioinformatics



Major: Biochemistry || Minor: Food Studies 



Major: Chemistry with a specialization in Computing



​Major: Physiology

Andres Velasquez is a 4th year PsychoBio Major who is currently serving as the Clinic Health Education Coordinator. He considers having joined Flying Samaritans as one of the best decisions he has made at UCLA! Andres loves interacting with patients at clinic whether it be giving them a health presentation or triaging with them. He loves actively making a difference in their lives. Being a part of flying samaritans has strengthened his resolve to attend medical school and become a physician so he can continue to make a difference. Besides volunteering with flying samaritans Andres loves playing and watching sports; in particular football, basketball, and soccer.



​Major: Molecular and Cell Developmental Biology 



​Major: Neuroscience || Minor: Spanish

This will be Karely's third year in  Flying Samaritans, and first year as Clinic Coordinator. She enjoys that Flying Sams has allowed her to learn more about medicine and health education from the doctors at clinic, but also allows her to interact with the people of the community. She enjoys the somewhat scarce downtime that comes with being Clinic Coord where she can interact with the patients. Along with Flying Samaritans, she is also the Project Chair for Adelante Tutorial Program,  a member of CCM, High AIMS, and she works in Pediatrics Hematology/Oncology department in David Geffen School of Medicine. In her free time she enjoys reading (non-textbooks), watching movies, catching up on TV shows, going to Six Flags, and spending time with friends.  


Sheridan is a fourth year undergraduate studying International Development Studies, Spanish, and Public Health. This is her fourth year with Flying Samaritans, having served in the past as Health Education Coordination and Clinic Coordinator. Flying Sams sparked her love for public health and allowed her to pursue her passions in community development in Latin America. Sheridan can be found spending as much time outside of the U.S. as she spends inside the country, having traveled to many countries in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, as well as Uganda, where she has worked with various public health and community development non-profit organizations. Sheridan is also involved in the Global Development Lab, the Global Health Coalition, and the Athletic Peer Learning Lab at UCLA. While she's not studying, traveling, or giving Cub Tours on campus, Sheridan can be found running, hiking, or planning her next adventure.

Julia Hiserodt is a fourth year MIMG major and a Biomedical Research Minor. Joining Flying Sams over two years ago was one of the best decisions she has made at UCLA. She is always so inspired by all of Flying Sams volunteer’s hard work that goes into the clinics and allows us to help the community of Colonia Margarita Moran. Working with the community always reminds her of how lucky she is and gives her a passion to continue working with underserved communities, no matter where she ends up. Besides Flying Samaritans, she is also involved in research with Dr. April Pyle studying stem cell treatment for muscular dystrophy, and Project Health, an organization that teaches Health Education to underserved high school students.



Major: Psychobiology

David joined Flying Samaritans because it offers great opportunities to work alongside doctors and healthcare workers in a free clinic that works to provide healthcare and health education for Colonia Margarita Moran. For the organization, David organizes and hosts fundraising events for Flying Samaritans that aim to earn money and bring the people in the organization closer together. David's also a huge music nerd and directs the Road to Damascus A Cappella group and is also heavily active in the Grace on Campus Christian fellowship.

Allison is a third-year microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics major with a minor in English. She is relatively new to the Flying Samily, but inspired by the dedicated, passionate individuals that open and run the clinic each month. As Community Outreach Coordinator of RICH (Research Initiatives in Community Health), Allison hopes to expand the club’s knowledge of Colonia Margarita Moran and help patients make healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices on their own. Besides co-running RICH meetings, Allison is a lead reporter for the Daily Bruin and a volunteer at Larry Hillblom Islet Research Center, where her lab studies type I and type II diabetes. She wishes to pursue medicine or public health as a member of the U.S. Public Health Service, possibly specializing in endocrinology or women’s health. She aspires to someday write her own novel (science fiction), work at a camp for type 1 diabetic youth, and continue to travel the world with family and friends.


Major: Psychobiology || Minor: Spanish 



Major: Psychobiology || Minor: Biomedical Research and Spanish



Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology



Major: Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics || Minor: English

Lauren is a third year physci major, currently interested in pursuing a career in pediatric clinical pharmacy. She joined Flying Samaritans freshman year and definitely has not regretted it. Every clinic trip truly has been a rewarding experience and she is constantly inspired by her Flying Samily peers. Since then, Lauren has served as one of the pharmacy co-clinic coordinators last year and is excited to continue her duties this year. Outside of Flying Sams, Lauren is involved in the Pre-Pharmacy Society at UCLA, volunteers at the Veterans Home of West LA, and works as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens. In my free time, she enjoys running, filming, trying new foods and exploring new places!


Major: International Development Studies ||  Minor: Public Health and Spanish 



Major: Biology || Minor: Spanish

Like everybody else, Wei joined a variety of clubs during her first year after the Enormous Activities Fair, but of all the clubs she ever joined, Flying Samily is the best! She also likes to think of herself as a loyal Pharmacy Committee member. Other than Flying Sams, Wei is (sometimes) involved in Project Literacy and Singapore Student Association. She also tries to do some form of research. Wei enjoys eating ice cream and drinking boba. Occasionally, she hides in her room and binges on anime.

Sarah Brown is a third year Neuroscience major who joined Flying Samaritans during her first year at UCLA. During her second year at UCLA, she served as the Volunteer Health Education Coordinator and is now Co-President. Sarah joined Flying Samaritans because she saw the passion and commitment of the existing volunteers and identified with the Flying Sams mission of not only helping a community obtain medical care, but empowering the people of Colonia Margarita Moran to become engaged and independent in the journey to good health. Sarah is also a researcher at the Lab of Circadian and Sleep Medicine, with a focus on the interplay between sleep and neurodevelopmental disorders, and a Peer Learning Facilitator for the Athletics Peer Learning Lab. Sarah is on the pre-medical track, and hopes to continue health education and medical outreach as an involved physician.

Flying Samaritans at UCLA

Melody joined Flying Samaritans her second year after stumbling upon the website right before the deadline to become a member. She has been grateful for the accident since, as Flying Samaritans has given her opportunities to build relationships with doctors and fellow students, practice triaging, and experience authentic Mexican tacos. As publicity intern last year, Melody is extremely excited to be this year's Publicity Chair because she loves capturing everybody in action. Besides holding her weighty camera, Melody also loves dabbling with tunes on her violin and piano (she wasn't named Melody for nothing), spending time at Souplantation with her family, and binge-watching Friends and How I Met Your Mother with her roommates and friends. Her future consists of going to medical school with hopes that she can come back and become a medical professional for Flying Samartians and give back to the club that provided her with so much.

Ashley joined Flying Samaritans because she had always wanted to be a part of an organization that volunteers in Tijuana since she lives right across the border in San Diego. She decided to study Spanish & Portuguese because she enjoys learning about the history, language, and culture of Latin American countries. Although it is not a common path, she decided to pick a non-science major while still being pre-med. She hopes to become a surgeon one day. Ashley loves to listen to music, and loves to organize her music into several playlists (over 60 unique playlists). Her favorite artist is Vampire Weekend, and she enjoys Indie Rock. But, she listens to a wide variety of music, including classic rock, R&B, disco, folk, etc.

Karen Lam is the Pharmacy Clinic Coordinator for Flying Samaritans at UCLA. She is a fourth year MIMG major aspiring to become an infectious disease specialist. The connection she feels towards Flying Samaritans and the community at Colonia Margarita Morán has become a dear part of who she is, and will continue to shape her ambitions for the future. Dedicating herself to Flying Samaritans has greatly furthered her passion to increase accessibility to patient-centered health care and health education for diverse, under-served communities. She is very excited for the new members to come and join the mission! 

Marihan is a third year Psychobiology Major with a double minor in Biomedical Research and Spanish. Her love for learning about different cultures and her desire to help the underserved are what brought her to join Flying Samaritans two years ago, and she has been in love with it ever since. As a Health Education coordinator, she wants to continue to empower the community with knowledge and education that will allow them to take charge of their own health. She is currently pursuing a career as a pediatrician with a long term goal of working abroad in underserved communities. Outside of Flying Sams, she is also involved in research, volunteers at Ronald Reagan hospital, and tutors at a middle school on the weekends with Glendale Learning Program. She also loves traveling, spending time outdoors, riding her bike, painting, and binging Netflix.

Sophie is a second-year Neuroscience major with a minor in Spanish. She joined Flying Samaritans in an effort to integrate her passions for healthcare and Spanish. She is immensely grateful for the chance to work closely with the team and with the people of the Colonia Margarita Moran community. Aside from Flying Sams, Sophie works at the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame, serves as a mentor with Amigos de UCLA, and is actively looking for research opportunities in her field. When she’s not busy with academia, she can be found guiding whitewater rafting trips, skiing, rewatching Netflix series, or planning trips to accomplish her goal of traveling the world.


Major: Neuroscience

Nina stumbled upon Flying Samaritans in her third year while looking for volunteering opportunities on campus. She was interested in Flying SAM's mission to serve by taking a holistic approach to its medical services. Currently, she is also a part of Bruins in Focus and VCN Traditional Dance. In the future, she plans to pursue a career in Optometry with the hopes to provide vision care services to underserved communities in San Diego. On her days off, Nina enjoys making her roommates cook and clean the apartment with her. 




Major: Psychobiology



​Major: Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics || Minor: Biomedical Resesarch