Marihan is a fourth year Psychobiology Major with a double minor in Spanish and Biomedical Research. Her love for learning about different cultures and desire to gain more clinical experience are what brought her to join Flying Samaritans two years ago, and she has been in love with it ever since. Her favorite part has been building long-lasting relationships with the members of the community, as well as the doctors and volunteers at UCLA. She is currently pursuing a career as a physician with a long term goal of working abroad in underserved communities. Outside of Flying Sams, she is also involved in a brain tumor lab, serves as the executive director of Glendale Learning Program, and works as a Chem 14CL Peer Learning Facilitator for AAP. When she’s not busy with school, she loves to travel, spend time outdoors, paint with watercolors, and binge Netflix.



​Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology || Minor: Global Health  



Major: Physiological Sciences

Megan joined Flying Samaritans over two years ago, and it's been one of the best decisions she's made since coming to UCLA. She loves that this organization gives her the chance to work alongside medical professionals and enables her to learn more about the global health disparities she would otherwise be unaware of. Most importantly, she's gotten the chance to know all the hardworking individuals striving to make a difference for the community of Colonia Margarita Moran and formed lasting friendships in the process. Outside of Flying Samaritans, she is involved with Bruin Medical Entrepreneurs and does research in the physical medicine and rehabilitation department at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. In the future she aspires to get an MD/MBA and run her own practice specializing in women's healthcare.


This is Ashley! She is a fourth year undergraduate studying Spanish & Portuguese. After her first clinic trip in March 2016, she enjoyed the experience so much that she applied to be Co-Clinic Coordinator. She served as the Co-Clinic Coordinator for a year and is now serving as Vice President. Ever since her first clinic trip, she has attended clinic every month. The experience gained in global health from Flying Samaritans has sparked a passion, and Ashley hopes to continue this work in the future as well. She also works in Dr. Farber's lab in Jules Stein Eye Institute studying Ocular Albinism Type I. On the rare occasion she has free time, she enjoys listening to new music (of all different genres and languages) and trying new food! 

Lauren is a fourth year physci major, currently interested in pursuing a career in pediatric clinical pharmacy. She joined Flying Samaritans freshman year and definitely has not regretted it. Every clinic trip truly has been a rewarding experience and she is constantly inspired by her Flying Samily peers. Since then, Lauren has served as one of the pharmacy co-clinic coordinators for the past two years and is excited to continue her duties this year. Outside of Flying Sams, Lauren is involved in the Pre-Pharmacy Society at UCLA, volunteers at the Veterans Home of West LA, and works as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens. In her free time, she enjoys running, filming, and traveling!



​Major: Physiological Sciences || Minor: Korean Languages 



​Major: Neuroscience || Minor: Spanish

Breanna joined Flying Samaritans because she is exploring statistics careers within the sector of public health. She was also drawn to the club's volunteering aspect. Breanna is also a part of the Bruin Sports Analytics club, which conducts research on sports data. In her free time, she loves to watch t.v. shows such as: How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, and Shark Tank.

Wei has always been interested in public health, which was why she joined Flying Samaritans in her first year. Her awesome experience at clinic trips and meetings prompted her to contribute more to this club by joining the executive committee. She is currently the co-Fundraising chair, where she will strive to sustain and grow the club financially. Other than Flying Sams, Wei is (occasionally) involved in Project Literacy and Singapore Student Association. She also enjoys doing research under Professor Ken Houk, and she will be applying for graduate school. Wei's favorite ice cream store is Saffron and Rose, and her favorite show to watch is Hell's Kitchen.

Josué joined Flying Samaritans his second year thanks to Ashley! He also joined because he loved that fact that he would have the opportunity to volunteer at a clinic alongside with doctors. He also loves how Flying Samaritans helps out communities in Mexico, coming from a Latino background. He joined the Health Education Committee because it gave him the chance to interact with the kids in Colonia Margarita Moran and teach health education to the community. Apart from Flying Samaritans, Josué is also a part of Project SPELL, in which he teaches English to UCLA employees. When Josué is not busy with school, he enjoys working out at BFit or Drake Stadium, playing tennis/racquetball, hanging out with friends, and whenever a good song comes on, you can catch him dancing to it anytime and anywhere!

This is Kristen! She joined Flying Samaritans her third year and wishes she joined earlier. She's met some amazing people, made lifelong friends, and learned so much about health care  and service during clinics. She wishes to utilize the knowledge and advice acquired through Flying Sams as she prepares to become a Physical Therapist. Outside of Flying Sams, she works in Dr. Farber's lab at the Jules Stein Eye Institute studying Ocular Albinism Type I. For fun, she loves to be adventurous and explore/travel, try new cuisines (she's a big foodie), and of course, binge Netflix. 

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Major: Psychobiology 

After seeing all of the great work that Flying Samaritans does, Monica joined in fall of her sophomore year. Since then, Monica has found true friendship with and inspiration from all of the passionate individuals that work to make Sams as amazing as it is, and each clinic is a rewarding reminder of why she wants to be a pharmacist. Monica is also in Alpha Delta Chi, where she is currently serving as Administrative VP, and works at CVS as a pharmacy technician. In her spare time, she loves to work out, go to the beach, hike, and binge on Friends or How I Met Your Mother.


Monica is a fourth year Psychobiology major who aspires to become an orthodontist or pediatric dentist. Witnessing the lack of resources for many families in our community has driven her to help provide more services to our patients with the establishment of a dental clinic. Outside of Flying Samaritans, she volunteers with PDSOP, mentors children living in communities with historically high rates of illiteracy through Project Literacy, fundraises with Operation Smile, and works at a pediatric dental clinic. In her free time, you can catch her hiking through SoCal, binge watching The Office, watching the Dodgers win (duh), and procrastinating. 



 Major: Psychobiology



Major: Chemistry



Major: Neuroscience || Minor: Spanish 



Major: Psychobiology



Major: Psychobiology || Minor: Spanish and Biomedical Research

Jonathan joined this organization because Flying Samaritans combines his passions: health care and helping underserved communities. Also, he loves how Flying Samaritans offers continuous care via monthly clinics. Along with Flying Samaritans, Jonathan is a part of Pre-Pharmacy Society and Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society, For hobbies, he enjoys basketball, fashion, and hip-hop. Ultimately, Jonathan hopes to attend pharmacy school and become a clinical pharmacist.



Major: Biochemistry Major || Minor: Food Studies


Major: Neuroscience 

Shauna is a fourth year Neuroscience Major and Spanish Minor. Shauna joined Flying Samaritans at the beginning of her third year. She knew immediately that Flying Samaritans would be the perfect place to combine two of her passions; medicine and Spanish. As co-coordinator of the Public Health Committee, she hopes to conduct meaningful research to bring resources and improve the clinic for the patients and community of Colonia Margarita Moran. She hopes to go to medical school after UCLA and pursue a career in pediatric oncology or neurology. Shauna is also involved in Camp Kesem, Student Stroke Team, and works as a Peer Learning Facilitator for Academic and Student Services. In her free time, Shauna likes to play the piano and guitar and go to yoga classes or run.



Major: Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics

Flying Samaritans was one of the first organizations that Ava joined her freshman year. She first joined the club for an opportunity to gain exposure to the medical field and improve her Spanish but after her first clinic trip she was rewarded with so much more! Seeing the strong bonds the members had built with the community of Colonia Margarita Moran and the positive impact that the passionate volunteers and providers were leaving with their selfless service, Ava was inspired to become more involved. Ava is also a site coordinator and field trip chair for TEACH, a researcher for a neurology lab, and a Peer Learning Facilitator for AAP! Her favorite hobbies include cooking, making lotions, hiking, and going to the beach! 


Major: Spanish & Portuguese

Melody Wang joined Flying Samaritans her second year at the very last minute, and has been elastic with her rash decision ever since. Her love for the community at Colonia Margarita Moran only grows every time she attends clinic, and she is extremely grateful for the opportunity to channel her passion into being one of the Public Health Committee chairs this year. If you ever see her carrying boxes filled with files, please give her a hand! Outside of Flying Samaritans, Melody loves taking naps, watching Suits, and spending time with the rest of the board in any capacity. At any moment in time, she will always be grateful for Flying Samaritans because it has provided her with so much space to learn, grow, and believe in herself.

Daron is a third year neuroscience major who joined the Flying Samaritans at UCLA during his sophomore year.  Even though he knew it would throw him out of his comfort zone, he gave it a chance because he was drawn to the unique opportunity of helping an underserved community in a different country.  Good thing he took a chance!  Joining Flying Sams has been one of the most important and impactful decisions he has ever made.  In addition to giving him a second family at UCLA, it has given him priceless life experiences.  As the Flying Sams Secretary, he is excited to play a larger part in the organization's holistic goals.  Besides his role in Flying Sams, Daron serves as the Curriculum Director for the Glendale Learning Program and volunteers at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center.  He is currently on the pre-medical path.  Outside of school, Daron enjoys watching and playing a variety of sports, puzzle collecting, and woodworking.



Major: Neuroscience || Minor: Spanish

Cynthia Zarate is a 3rd year Human Biology and Society (B.S.) major. She joined Flying Samaritans in the beginning of her second year at UCLA after hearing about it at the activities fair. By granting her the opportunity to extend her volunteer experience in a clinical setting and shadow medical professionals, this club has solidified her pursuit for a career in medicine. Being a Health Education committee member during her first year in Flying Sams instilled in her a passion for educating people on potential threats to their health and drove her to become one of the two current Health Education coordinators. Creating health seminars and brainstorming ideas for presentations has become more of a hobby than a simple duty. When she’s not working on Health Ed-related matters with co-coordinator Josue, you can find her working at the Pulmonary and Critical Care Division in the Center For Health Sciences, hanging out with friends, or listening to YG. 



​Major: Neuroscience 

Flying Samaritans at UCLA


Sarah has been a part of Flying Sams for her entire time at UCLA. As a sophomore she was a Health Education Coordinator and now has been Co-President for over a year. Flying Samaritans inspired her passion for supporting social justice locally and abroad through healthcare delivery and she hopes to become a physician. In her spare time, Sarah posts (too many) pictures of her guinea pigs on Snapchat, explores LA nightlife with her friends, and battles senioritis. 



Major: Psychobiology || Minor: Spanish

Allison is a fourth-year undergraduate who joined Flying Samaritans as a sophomore at UCLA. She heard about Sams after meeting members on her floor in Dykstra Hall who would go to bed once a month at 8 p.m. like clockwork - a curious thing for people to do on a Friday night. Sams has since become one of the most impactful and shaping experiences of her life, as it presents members with issues bigger than themselves and challenges them to help. As last year's Public Health Coordinator and current Co President, Allison desires to help strengthen the clinic's preventative care programs in addressing social determinants of health. She wants to enter an MD/MPH program and work with chronic illness patients of diverse communities. Her bucket list includes launching or supporting a resource center or affordable camp for those with type I diabetes, or other illnesses where a balance between physical and mental self-care is paramount. When she's not busy preparing for clinic or thinking of puns to amuse unsuspecting victims, you can find her dabbling in creative writing and journalism as a senior staff writer for the Daily Bruin. On non-clinic weekends she shifts at DTLA's California Hospital Medical Center, explores the city, or makes art.



​Major: Human Biology and Society (B.S.)

Sophie is a second-year Neuroscience major with a minor in Spanish. She joined Flying Samaritans in her second year in an effort to integrate her passions for healthcare and for Spanish. She is immensely grateful for the chance to work closely with the entire team and with the people of the Colonia Margarita Moran community. When she’s not busy with school, she can be found adventuring around outdoors, rewatching Netflix series, or planning little trips to accomplish her goal of traveling the world. 


Major: Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics || Minor: English