Ava joined Flying Samaritans Fall quarter of Freshman year, ever since spotting it at the Enormous Activities Fair. She served as Co-Clinic Coordinator for a year and is now serving as Co-President. Ava is constantly inspired by the united effort from the Samily of hard-working and passionate undergrads, medical providers, and community members whose passion for health equity and social justice bring about such a successful international clinic every month. She hopes that she can take what she learns during her time in Flying Sams and continue this work during her future career as a physician. Ava is also a site coordinator for TEACH, a research assistant for a Neurology lab, and an AAP Peer Learning Facilitator. When she’s not busy helping prepare for clinic, Ava loves to cook, make home-made bath products, and binge on Netflix drama and thriller shows!

Daron is a fourth year neuroscience major who joined the Flying Samaritans at UCLA during his sophomore year.  Even though he knew it would throw him out of his comfort zone, he gave it a chance because he was drawn to the unique opportunity of helping an underserved community in a different country.  Good thing he took a chance!  Joining Flying Sams has been one of the most important and impactful decisions he has ever made.  In addition to giving him a UCLA family, the organization has given him priceless life experiences.  As the Flying Sams Secretary, he is excited to play a larger part in the organization’s holistic goals.  Besides his role in Flying Sams, Daron serves as the Curriculum Director for the Glendale Learning Program and volunteers at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center.  He plans to pursue an MBA after graduating from UCLA.  Outside of school, Daron enjoys watching and playing a variety of sports, puzzle collecting, and woodworking.

Emilyn is a second year pre-med at UCLA. She joined her fall her freshman year and it was one of the best decisions she has ever made. She joined the Dental Committee because she loves making a difference and wants to be part of the process in creating the first ever Flying Samaritans dental unit at UCLA. She loves that she gets to make an impact on the lives of the people in Mexico while also learning valuable skills along the way. Emilyn really enjoys gaining clinical experience due to working alongside medical professionals, learning about the culture through interactions with the community, and seeing the smiles on the patients faces (smiles of people that will be soon be patients once the unit is opened!!). She values the family she has made through the organization and cherishes all the memories she makes at every clinic trip. Emilyn is also President of the Persian Sorority at UCLA and volunteers in the surgery department at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital. During her free time she loves listening to music, dancing, and watching Netflix.


PUBLICITY CHAIR | flyingsamsatucla.publicity@gmail.com 

​Major: Environmental Science || Minor: Environmental Engineering


SECRETARY | flyingsamsatucla.secretary@gmail.com

​Major: Neuroscience 


HEALTH EDUCATION COORDINATOR | flyingsamsatucla.healthed@gmail.com

​Major: Human Biology and Society B.S.  

Aya has been involved with Flying Samaritans since the fall of her freshmen year. Who would have thought that another flier out of millions she grabbed at the Enormous Activities Fair would have evolved into one of the most impactful experience In her life! Her favorite part is partaking in selfless service alongside dedicated volunteers to improve the lives of the patients we serve. Being part of Flying Samaritans has solidified her passion for medicine. When she is not fulfilling her duties as a board member, Aya is an instructor in SCOPE Fitness and Nutrition where she plants the seeds of healthy eating habits in fourth graders, a medical scribe working side-by-side with doctors, or eating brunch with her friends and loved ones in different parts of LA! 


Josué is very passionate about Flying Samaritans because it gives him the opportunity to provide medical services to community members of similar background and create meaningful relationships with the people of the community. In the future, Josué hopes to continue to give back to underserved communities like how he learned in Flying Samaritans and to hopefully one day come back to Rancho Escondido and Colonia Margarita Moran as a medical provider.


SOCIAL CHAIR | flyingsamsatucla.socialchair@gmail.com

​Major: Neuroscience Major

Flying Samaritans is an organization founded on improving the lives of a community stricken by poverty. The values exemplified by Flying Samaritans closely resonate with Gabrielas own personal values of altruism and activism. Gabriela believes that her work in Flying Samaritans is fundamental in helping to create the foundation of the pursuit of my career goal in providing health care services to those in need. The organizations resources will help both improve her abilities and catalyze her professional and interpersonal relationships. Throughout her experience as clinic coordinator, she gained a support group crucial to her professional and academic career and  created everlasting memories.



TREASURER | flyingsamsatucla.socialchair@gmail.com 

​Major: Biology || Minor: Global Health

Sunia joined Flying Samaritans in her second year at UCLA. Since then, Sunia has had the most rewarding and fulfilling experience being a part of Flying Sams. Each clinic trip serves as a reminder of the importance of helping others, and has solidified her goal of becoming a physician in order to help underserved communities. Her favorite memories from being a part of Flying Sams include building friendships with the families coming to clinic, helping create and present health education resources for clinic through the Health Education Committee, and learning from the hardworking providers and fellow students. As the Flying Sams Treasurer, she is excited to be handling the financial aspects of the organization. Outside of Flying Sams, she volunteers as a Clinic Assistant at Venice Family Clinic, and is an Adult Literacy Director for Project Literacy, the Special Projects Director for the Beautiful Mind Project, and the Publicity Director for The Hunger Project.

Colin joined Flying Sams his sophomore year.  After spending his first year in Sams as a Dental Intern he is excited to be on Board as Co-Dental Coordinator. Colin is appreciative of the challenges and successes of bringing UCLA's first Flying Samaritans Dental Unit to Mexico and is looking forward to servicing the community.  Colin likes to split his free time between Nikkei Student Union and Iranian Student Union events and asking all his friends to go salsa dancing with him.  Catch him any day on campus sweating waking to class!


Flying Samaritans was Stephanie’s first organization that she joined and has been one of her favorite parts of college! Her favorite parts of the club include the opportunities the club provides for undergraduate students as well as the impact the club has on promoting health to underserved communities. Through health education, she loves seeing the enthusiasm by teaching the community about prevalent health topics. She hopes to take her experiences to learn more about going into the field of geriatrics and public health.

Cynthia stumbled upon Flying Samaritans her freshman year. She loves this organization because of its unwavering commitment to making substantial, sustainable change for the population it serves, combining both her interests in social justice and medicine. She hopes that her time on board contributes to the organization and aids her in her journey to becoming a physician for underprivileged communities abroad, empowering her patients to take control of their own health. She expects to continue to learn from and aid global populations. She enjoys good tunes, reading sad books, playing volleyball, trying yummy restaurants, and running.


Back to the Boards!


HEALTH EDUCATION COORDINATOR | flyingsamsatucla.healthed@gmail.com

Major: Biochemistry ​|| Minor: Gerontology

Jonathan joined this organization because Flying Samaritans combines his passions: health care and helping underserved communities. Also, he loves how Flying Samaritans offers continuous care via monthly clinics. Along with Flying Samaritans, Jonathan is a part of Society of Physical/Occupational Therapy and Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society, For hobbies, he enjoys basketball, fashion, and hip-hop. Ultimately, Jonathan hopes to attend a DPT program and become a physical therapist.


Monica is a fourth year Psychobiology major who aspires to become an orthodontist or pediatric dentist. Witnessing the lack of resources for many families in our community has driven her to help provide more services to our patients with the establishment of a dental clinic. Outside of Flying Samaritans, she volunteers with PDSOP, mentors children living in communities with historically high rates of illiteracy through Project Literacy, fundraises with Operation Smile, and works at a pediatric dental clinic. In her free time, you can catch her hiking through SoCal, binge watching The Office, watching the Dodgers win (duh), and procrastinating. 


PHARMACY CLINIC COORDINATOR | flyingsamsatucla.pharmacy@gmail.com​

 Major: Human Biology and Society


DENTAL COORDINATOR | flyingsamsatucla.dental@gmail.com

Major: Pshycobiology


PUBLIC HEALTH COORDINATOR | flyingsamsatucla.publichealth@gmail.com​

Major: Neuroscience || Minor: Spanish 


PUBLIC HEALTH COORDINATOR | flyingsamsatucla.publichealth@gmail.com

Major: Psychobiology


CLINIC COORDINATOR | flyingsamsatucla.cliniccoord@gmail.com

Major: Psychobiology B.S. 

Rosibel Mason joined Flying Samaritans at the end of her freshman year in the hopes making a difference by serving a community in need. Throughout her time in the organization clinic trips have opened her eyes to the amazing impact we are capable of making in underserved communities. Rancho Escondido is filled with a culture which she holds close to her heart and reminds her of home. Shadowing physicians and interacting with patients has only strengthened her passion to pursue medicine. Apart from her service here, Rosibel is also a member of a cardiovascular research lab at David Geffen Medical School, works as Expansion Chair for a mental health peer mentorship program Wazo Connect, and a volunteer at Santa Monica Hospital for the program ARC. Rose as we call her is super approachable, loves spending time at the gym, attending church throughout the week, and playing the drums!


PHARMACY CLINIC COORDINATOR | flyingsamsatucla.pharmacy@gmail.com

Major: Psychobiology 


​PRESIDENT | uclaflyingsamaritans@gmail.com
Major: Human Biology and Society  

Sophie joined Flying Sams way back in her second year and has loved every second since. She is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to get involved in healthcare, to practice her spanish, and, most of all, to work closely with our incredible volunteers, providers, and the Rancho Escondido community. Outside of Sams, she can be found adventuring around outdoors, perfecting the art of the nap, or daydreaming about traveling to the little corners of the world.


FUNDRAISING CHAIR | flyingsamsatucla.fundraising@gmail.com

Major: Human Biology and Society

Minor: Food Studies  

Isabel joined Flying Samaritans her Freshman year at UCLA. Isabel grew up in a border city (San Diego) and she was eager to join an organization that valued cross-border medicine. As a general member, Isabel discovered her passion for medicine and graphic design. Sophomore year, she applied for the Publicity Chair position and has enjoyed bringing her creative skills to the organization. Inspired by the community and individuals Flying Samaritans serves, Isabel is motivated to continue on the pre-med path and contribute to eliminating health disparities on a global scale. 

Flying Sams has grown to become a family for Javier during his time at UCLA, and the health services we provide to our underserved community of Rancho Escondido, Mexico makes the time being involved in the club worthwhile. In the future, he plans on practicing medicine in communities affected by health disparities and joining some global health initiatives, This organization prepares him to take on these endeavors.


VICE PRESIDENT | flyingsamsatucla.externalvp@gmail.com
Major: Pshychobiology B.S. 

Jasmine joined Flying Samaritans during her second-year, where she began her participation in the Health Education Committee. Her passion for health and preventive medicine lead her to join Flying Samaritans and specifically the Health Education Committee. She hopes to be able to help patients' development or progression of diseases by spreading information of nutrition, exercise, and a variety of health education topics one presentation at a time. During her free time she loves spending time with friends and using her favorite app Yelp to find new places to eat.


PHARMACY EDUCATION COORDINATOR | flyingsamsatucla.pharmacy@gmail.com​

​Major: Biology 

Minor: Global Health 

Bailey has been a member of Flying Samaritans since last spring and she has enjoyed every second of it. She is thrilled that she had the opportunity to become a member of the Flying Samaritans executive board during her senior year and is looking forward to channeling her extra time and energy into her role as social chair. Bailey aspires to become a pharmacist with the hopes of continuing to serve communities that lack the resources to obtain proper medication and treatment. Outside of school, Bailey enjoys cooking weekly dinners with her roommates, trying new food places around LA, and practicing her Spanish.


​PRESIDENT | uclaflyingsamaritans@gmail.com
Major: Pshychobiology  || Minor: Spanish


Cynthia first joined Flying Samaritans during her sophomore year at UCLA. Her involvement in the Health Education committee encouraged her to become Health Education coordinator the following year. Now serving as Co-President, her experiences with Flying Sams both on campus and out at the clinic continue to strengthen her desire to become a physician. Coming from a small rural community in Michoacán, Mexico, similar to Rancho Escondido where the clinic is located, every trip reminds her of how fortunate she’s been and inspires her to continue serving. When she’s not occupied with Flying Sams duties or other extracurriculars, she loves spending time with friends and family, going to the beach, and trying out new candles!


CLINIC COORDINATOR | flyingsamsatucla.cliniccoord@gmail.com

Major: Biology  


CLINIC COORDINATOR | flyingsamsatucla.cliniccoord@gmail.com

Major: Physiological Sciences || Minor: Spanish  


DENTAL COORDINATOR | flyingsamsatucla.dental@gmail.com

Major: Physiological Sciences

Jugjot has a great passion for this organization since her sophomore year. Jugjot, who is commonly known by her nickname JJ, has always seen herself working in healthcare. But it was Flying Sams that helped show JJ the types of foundations she wants to help build within healthcare centered around trustworthy relationships. Her interaction with the community has been so rewarding and encouraged her to want to pursue more holistic treatment plans for her future endeavors in medicine. Outside of Flying Sams, she likes to practice self care though weightlifting, gluten-free cooking, and watching Netflix!

 Liliana was born and raised in San Pedro CA. She attained her associate degree in math/science from Los Angeles Harbor College (LAHC). At LAHC she was a part of the Honors transfer program. While she was in community college she also worked as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Liliana also participated in a summer and medical/dental education program (SMDEP) at UCLA David Geffen school of Medicine. She was also a part of Médicos, Enfermeros, y Dentistas Para El Pueblo (MEDPEP) for two years. Upon transferring to UCLA, she immediately joined a research lab and works on, “Identification of Novel Spindle Assembly Checkpoint (SAC) Components and their Subcellular Localizations in Mitosis”. She joined the Flying Samaritans her first quarter at UCLA because she believes in helping communities that have been unfortunate in attaining proper medical services. Liliana aspires to attain an MD/ PhD, and one day come back and serve her community. When she isn’t in lab, preparing for clinic, or studying, she enjoys playing Fortnite and taking long naps.


FUNDRAISING CHAIR | flyingsamsatucla.fundraising@gmail.com

​Major: Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics  

Flying Samaritans at UCLA