Flying Samaritans at UCLA

How can I go to clinic?

Once you become a member, it is required you attend at least:

  • 1 General Meeting per QUARTER* 
  • 1 Social or Fundraising event per QUARTER*

Determining who attends clinic, however, is based on a a point system*.  Other ways to to earn points include attending:

  • Attending general meeting
  • Attending fundraisers and socials 
  • Recruiting a volunteer health professional to attend clinic or to give a talk during our GMs.
  • Going to special symposiums and events.
  • Submitting testimonials.
  • Donating pharmacy or medical supplies.
  • Becoming certified for CPR/EMT/Blood Pressure and Hypertension.
  • Joining/Actively participating in a Committee 
  • Donating pharmacy supplies
    • *ATTENTION*: Pharmacy is in need of OTC meds! You can receive point(s) based on the amount of donations (max 4 points). Here is what we need: 
      • multivitamin (kids, adults, or pre-natal)
      • ibuprofen 200 mg (brand name: Advil, Motrin)
      • ranitidine 150 mg (brand name: Zantac) and/or
      • travel toothpaste.
    • If you have any questions, contact our pharmacy coordinators at

More points may be awarded if you bring friends along, so look out for those instructions! The more you participate, the more points you can earn! Check your points here!

*There is no specific number of points required in order to attend clinic, whoever has more usually has priority. Typically clinic attendees have 7-10 points.

Clinic Requirements