Flying Samaritans at UCLA

Aellena Muller

Pharmacy Co-Coordinator

I am currently a senior at the UCLA School of Nursing and will graduate this June with a BSN. I transferred to UCLA 3 years ago from OCC. My passion is working with the pediatric population and my hopes are to work as an RN on a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). I'm sure that in the future I will return to school for an APN degree, but for now I am extremely excited to embark on a new chapter of my life as a bedside nurse. I've always had a passion for helping people and making change. Joining the Flying Samaritans at UCLA has been a life changing experience It has opened doors to allow me to work out of hte country with an underserved population and help bring hope into others lives. It has also allowed me to meet new peeple who are truy amazing and have touched my heart. I am so excited to be an officer and work with such inspiring individuals! I can't wait to see what beautiful things the future holds for all of my peers as well as this club.

Founding Board 2013-14

Faculty & Staff

Grace Maher

Co-Health Coordinator

I am a second year MCDB major pursuing a minor in Biomedical Research and considering a second minor in either Public Health or Global  Studies.  I love food - reading about it, making it, eating it, and sharing it - as well as traveling and volunteering. I joined Flying  Sams to utilize the abundant resources from which I have been fortunate enough to benefit to help those who have less, and hope to make an  impact through empowering members of the community to learn about and  take control of their own health.

Marcy Quintero

Pharmacy Co-Coordinator

Hi! I'm a 4th year Nursing student. If I'm not studying or at work, I like to exercise and hang out with family and friends. I would love to travel. My goal once I graduate is to start working and gain experience and be able to be a part of an international organization involved in accessing care to and educating an underserved population. Being part of Bruin Samaritans has definitely been a starting point towards my goal. In the process I have learned a lot and met many wonderful people.

Crystal Lin

Publicity Coordinator

Heyo! My name is Crystal and I'm a second year biology major. Unlike most life science majors, I'm still on the fence about being a doctor, which is one of the reasons I joined Flying Sams! The prospect of gaining medical experience, all while helping build-up a community and establishing relationships with the hard-working people of Colonia Margarita seemed too good to be true. I used to go down to Mexico for mission trips, and I'm super excited that I can continue to do so in college. Apart from Flying Sams, I'm also involved in RSS, L.A.M.P tutoring, and volunteering at Ronald Reagan. In my down time I love to bake (and EAT), do arts and crafts, watch comedies, hit the beach, or just curl up and take a nap. Looking forward to a great year with you guys!

Priscilla Perez

Co-Health Coordinator

Hi! My name is Priscilla Perez and I am a fourth year Biology major, minoring in Anthropology. I plan to pursue a health career and provide my services to those in under resourced communities like my hometown. I love being a part of Flying Sams because it has given me the opportunity to do what I love, which is teaching others how to take care of their bodies. As Health Education coordinator, I hope to make the community of Margarita Moran a healthier one by teaching the members of the community how to live healthy lifestyles. Aside from Flying Sams, I am a Program Coordinator at BruinCorps, a tutoring program for students in underpriviledged communities. In my free time I enjoy hiking, watching TV shoes, cooking and eating my creations.

Matt Arguello

External Vice President

I am a fourth year majoring in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology, B.S. My goal is to become a doctor and return to McFarland, California, where I grew up. I enjoy running, going to sports games, and hanging out with family and friends. I really enjoy being apart of Flying Samaritans because it is humbling for me how thankful the people are when you go to the clinic to help them. You can truly tell how grateful they are for choosing to spend your time to helping them.

Ashley Hilton


Hello all, my name is Ashley Hilton and I am the Secretary for the Flying Samaritans chapter at UCLA.  I am a third year here at UCLA, majoring in Art History.  After graduating from college, I plan on attending a medical school and becoming a physician.  I love red velvet cupcakes, scuba diving, and riddles. What do you have if your head is hot, your feet are cold, and you see spots in front of your eyes?.........You probably have a polka-dotted sock over your head.

Aaron Lapidus

Co-Clinic Coordinator

Hi Everyone! My name is Aaron Lapidus and I am currently a 3rd year Psychobiology student. I didn’t seriously think about it until part way through my freshman year of college, but medicine has become a passion of mine - something I would never have expected just a few years ago. I want to either go into oncology, or family medicine, but I am keeping my options open (there is so much about medicine I don’t know!). My guilty pleasure is Greys Anatomy (or not so guilty...I am a proud viewer of the show!), and I am a bit of a film buff. I also love playing guitar, and listening to just about any type of music. I am really excited about being a part of Flying Samaritans and making a real difference in Colonia Margarita Moran. A lot of clubs do similar work, but only put a bandaid on the region. Flying Samaritans actually has public health officers and others involved, to get to the root of the problems and help out these people in the long term. I’m looking forward to a wonderful year with you all!

Past Board Members

Faraz Khan


Hi my name is Faraz and I'm a 4th year double majoring in Psychobiology and Economics. I am the current Treasurer for the Flying Samaritans. This year I really hope that I can help equip Flying Sams with the monetary stability we need to fulfill our purpose and serve our community. My future goals include obtaining an MD/MBA and to one day open up a free clinic. I am currently doing research in Alzheimer’s, cognitive decline, dementia and cardiovascular disease prevention through nutritional and lifestyle changes. My interests include playing/ watching soccer as well as trying new places to eat! I am looking forward to an awesome year!

Gigi Abdelhady

Fundraising Co-Coordinator

I am currently a third year majoring in Molecular and Cellular Dev. Biology.  I have taken most of the Chemistry 14 series and Life Science series. I enjoy singing and relay races with friends. I also have a great love for cute animals, specifically owls and alpacas. I joined Flying Sams last quarter and have since enjoyed meeting so many new people here. It’s always great to meet new members and to help out with the people of Colonia San Margarita Moran. Let’s all make this an awesome-sauce experience! If you need any help regarding anything at all or just want to talk, I’m all ears.

Rina Kim

Internal Vice President

Hi! My name is Rina Kim and I’m a third year MIMG major.  Since I was young, I have been pursuing my passion to become a heart surgeon and eventually joining Doctors Without Borders to provide the necessary health care to those in desperate need of our aid.  However as an undergraduate researcher in Professor Kent Hill’s lab studying cell motility, I have also found my passion within research.  Therefore, I am now pursuing the MD/PhD program to become a medical scientist, practicing and developing the medicine that will help save valuable lives that may otherwise be lost.  Apart from Flying Samaritans, I am a flutist in the UCLA Chambers Ensemble.  I also volunteer with UCLA P.A.C.T. and SchoolOnWheels. In my free time, I enjoy visiting museums and art galleries, socializing with friends, cooking, playing the flute or the piano, eating, watching dramas, and listening to music!

Becky Barber

Co-President and Founder

Chelsie Dietz

Fundraising Co-Coordinator

I am an English major in my third year at UCLA, with plans to go to medical school.  I have a huge heart for serving underprivileged communities and am so grateful that Flying Samaritans is an organization that allows me to do so!  After I become a doctor, my dream is to go to Africa with Doctors Without Borders. I am very passionate about bringing the humanities and medicine together.  I truly believe that the best doctors are those that treat and understand their patients as a whole person, not just physical bodies seeking remedy.  I want to bring my interest in the English discipline to medicine by approaching the sciences with a very humanistic perspective, and advocating the important role communication plays between doctors and patients in establishing a meaningful relationship between the two.  I am currently in the research stages of writing my honors thesis on the doctor-patient relationship in modern literature. In my spare time I love traveling and experiencing new cultures, baking, reading (of course!), watching old films, and taking the time to enjoy a good cup of tea.

Dr. Efrain Talamantes

Medical Provider

Faculty Advisor

Lyolya Hovhannisyan

Co-President and Founder

Zenith Rahman

Pharmacy Co-Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Zenith Rahman and I am a 4th year Nursing Major with a focus on improving health outcomes in low income communities. I'm currently researching nutritional patterns in prenatal and pediatric minority populations in hopes to better understand the causes of the obesity epidemic and the early onset of type 2 diabetes. My future plans include becoming a Nurse Practitioner and working with underprivileged and minority communities in disease prevention and treatment. I'm excited to work with Aellana, Marcy and the rest of you in starting the pharmacy in our clinic, improving patient education and administering the best possible care to our patients. When I'm not in the hospital or at school, I love exploring the nooks of LA, reading, and eating...everything. I'm looking forward to a great year with all of you!

Anne Paik

Co-Clinic Coordinator

I am a fourth year Neuroscience major at UCLA. I love being a part of Flying Samaritans, and plan on pursuing a career in the health sciences. Before I became interested in medicine, my childhood dream was to study primatology like Jane Goodall and live with chimpanzees in Gombe National Reserve, Kenya! Now, my passion is to help underprivileged communities like Cononia Margarita Moran get access to medical care - I believe that everyone has a right to medical treatment. I am currently researching the genetic causes of Alzheimer's Disease,  and hope to better differentiate hippocampal atrophy by utilizing neuroimaging techniques. I also work as a Clinical Care Extender at Ronald Reagan Hospital, and truly appreciate the opportunity to help patients and their families. My guilty pleasures are 80s/90s hip-hop music, film soundtracks, and ice hockey fights. I absolutely adore art, and I seriously considered going to art school instead of UCLA, but I'm proud to call myself a Bruin. And like so many of my fellow Executive Board members, my kryptonite is food!