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Health Education

Health Education leads an activity of drawing on paper plates to teach the children in our community about a good diet.
Sarah Rahman offers a book to a boy during the Christmas 2014 clinic trip.
Committee members make posters to present a health topic to community members during a clinic trip.
Health Education members present during clinic to a large group of community members.

Let's Get Healthy

Health Education Committee strives to empower students, patients, and community members to take control of their healthcare. Doctors provide excellent treatment, but Health Education works on preventative care and awareness about common health problems. Health Education also connects Los Angeles and Colonia Margarita Moran by relating our health problems and their solutions, keeping in mind differences in resources. In Los Angeles, the committee works on education as well as brainstorming about effective awareness-raising techniques. Then, we implement these educational models at clinic in Colonia Margarita Moran.

What Do We Do?

Students involved in the Health Education committee will learn how to teach a health education seminar and take responses to community health surveys. 

Health Education Meetings

When: EVEN Week Thursdays 5-5:50 PM

Where: MS5138 (or a nearby room)

Member Requirements

If you are interested in joining the health education committee, please contact the health education coordinators at

Health Education board members pose with their materials after presenting at the clinic.