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A Prescription to Success

Have you ever wondered how taking a couple Advils can magically make a headache disappear or why Robutissutn tastes like disgusting, old coffee? Well, we may never know the answer to the latter question... but join Pharmacy Committee to learn the answer to the first question and many more intriguing medical questions!

Whether you're planning to be a pharmacist, doctor, nurse, or any other healthcare professional, Pharmacy Committee is for everyone. You will learn practical and useful information that anyone can use!

What Do We Do?

Students involved in the Pharmacy Committee will attend biweekly meetings to learn about various drugs, their uses, mechanisms of actions, and more! We will train students on how to understand prescriptions, distribute pills to patients, and instruct patients on how to use them. Students who regularly attend Pharmacy meetings also have the opportunity to work in the pharmacy during clinic. 

Pharmacy Meetings

When: ODD Wednesdays 5PM) 

Where: MS5128 (or a nearby room)

Member Requirements

If you are interested in joining the pharmacy committee, please contact the pharmacy education coordinator at


Pharmacy Committee members show their Pharm pride after a long day at clinic.
Pharmacy Committee hard at work reading prescriptions and counting out pills.
Two Pharmacy Committee officers and a committee member share a moment of peace before another busy day at clinic.