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Public Health Committee members make their way back to clinic after a successful trip into the community.
A Public Health member explores the grocery stores to learn what types of foods are readily available to the locals.

Promoting Public Health 

The Public Health Committee aims to analyze existing health trends in prominent diseases in our community in Colonia Margarita Moran. We also want to understand the impact that our monthly clinics have on the aforementioned health trends. Our overall goal is to learn about the specific needs of our patient population and determine how to best tailor our services to improve our patient's health and lifestyles. 

What Do We Do?

This year students involved are focusing on creating a community resource map to hand out to our patients so that they are able to get reliable, affordable medical resources when we are not there. In addition, we are focusing on analyzing the health trends of diabetic and hypertensive patients in our community. During clinic trips, we sometimes go out into the community to obtain data through surveys and documenting the resources available to the local people. During our weekly meetings, we input patient data into a digital system and organize the folders. 

Public Health Meetings

When: EVEN Wednesdays 5-6 PM

Where: SAC Basement Room 3

Member Requirements

If you are interested in joining the Public Health committee, please contact the Public Health coordinators at​

Public Health Committee members out taking surveys and gathering data.

Public Health