Flying Samaritans at UCLA



Our club provides unique opportunities to undergraduate students looking to gain clinical experience, network with all kinds of medical professionals, effect community development, practice Spanish, and more! With four different committees and new internship positions, students can get involved and gain leadership experience while serving a community close to our hearts. 

General Meetings

General Meetings will usually comprise of a debriefing of recent and upcoming events, as well as a guest speaker (often a health professional) who gives a presentation about his or her field of expertise or special experiences/opportunities. General Meetings last one hour.

When: Every other Wednesday on odd weeks (weeks 3, 5, 7, and 9 for Fall)

**IMPORTANT** You must rejoin every year. If you were part of Flying Samaritans last year, you must reapply to stay a part of our club and receive emails. We will be wiping out our list-serve so you will no longer receive emails from us unless you apply to be part of the club. 

To remain a member of Flying Samaritans at UCLA for each quarter, you must attend at least 1 General Meeting and 1 Social/Fundraiser per quarter.

Active Membership

Due to the large number of members we have, transportation, and the small size of our clinic, we are unable to bring everyone to clinic with us every month. To make things fair, we have a Point system, which prioritizes "active members" who gain more points by providing testimonials and attending socials, fundraisers, meetings, and other cool events. Thus, members who are more active get more chances to go to clinic trips.

​Clinic priority also operates based on other factors, such as how many people have signed up for clinic and how often you have attended clinic before.

To be an active member, you must attend the general meetings and at least one social/fundraiser per quarter. Read on to learn how you can earn more points.

The Point System (You Get What You Put In)

Students can earn points by:

1. Attending fundraisers and socials.

2. Recruiting a volunteer health professional to attend clinic or to give a talk during our GMs.

3. Going to special symposiums and events.

4. Submitting testimonials.

5. Becoming certified for CPR/EMT/Blood Pressure and Hypertension.

6. Donating pharmacy or medical supplies.


Join a committee and become an integral part of our organization! Learn more about committees on our Committees page.